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Motor retainer

’nuff said

TAPs Selected

Two fellow members of WAC have agreed to be the TAPs for my level 3 attempt. Thank you Bob and Jim!

F.I.T.S. 2016 was a fun event. I flew the Gizmo XL twice. Here is the onboard video from the first flight.

Detected a small defect in a part

I noticed a small defect in one of the motor tube centering rings.

20140710_213018 20140710_213028

There is an air bubble in the middle of the fiberglass.

I sent email to Wildman, and posted up on TRF, and the consensus is that this should not cause any problems for the rocket. There is not that much stress placed upon this part. And it is going to have some pretty serious fillets against it anyway.

Going to build on!

It shipped!

It shipped! I have a UPS tracking number! Expected delivery date 7/10

sigh….. did I say I hate waiting?

Coming soon….

I ordered a new kit…. Wildman Gizmo XL Dual Deploy.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.32.02 AM

I can’t wait!

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